Sierra Data Centers, Inc., founded in 2006, is a leading Pittsburgh-based Information Technology service provider specializing in remote systems monitoring, remote systems management, cloud/virtual hosting, and physical machine hosting. Sierra Data Centers, Inc. provides services and support to customers across the United States and in four countries and meet mission critical computing needs and help customers to improve IT operations.

Why Sierra Data Centers?


Access Security

Two factor authentication, digitally recorded 24x7x365, is required for data center access.

Risk Security

All racks are locked for individual customer security within the data center. Larger, secured caged spaces and suites are also available for larger customer deployments.


This Tier 3 facility provides production or disaster recovery co-location, connectivity, monitoring, and management services for any size organization.


Power Redundancy

A and B side power is delivered directly into each rack 120V or 208V, through UPS systems, multiple power grid connections, and a 1.45MW generator with 16000 gallon capacity diesel fuel tanks.

HVAC Redundancy

Redundant generator connected Liebert HVAC Systems ensure that the data center space will maintain the necessary temperature and humidity for proper system operation, even during extended power outages or single HVAC unit failures.

Monitoring Systems

Multiple automated monitoring systems have been deployed, ensuring that immediate notification is delivered to data center personnel as soon as any thresholds are breached.

Support Services

Sierra Data Centers and our expert engineering team at Sierra w/o Wires, Inc. provide a wide range of IT services.

These services include:

  • Day-to-day IT support
  • Datacenter and hosting services through
  • Excellent hardware, software and services pricing from multiple major vendors

Fire Prevention

Dry pipe sprinkler systems have been installed, supported by very early smoke detection monitoring systems, preventing any unexpected leakage while providing the fastest possible activation.

Space Availability

With 4,000 square feet of raised floor space currently available and an additional 9,000 square feet available for expansion, the Pittsburgh Sierra Data Center has space for the largest and most demanding customer’s needs.

If you need reliable, secure, well connected data center space, Sierra Data Centers' Pittsburgh facility is unmatched in our region.